The Italian Oncology Group of Clinical Research is an association with recognized legal entities.

It is a non-profit organisation and the main activities are research, assistance and training in the oncology field specifically with regards to:

- Exchange of scientific information and/or educational sessions in clinical oncology;

- Exchange of information and proposal on the diagnostic or therapeutic tools  implemented at the partecipating sites;

- The design, management and implementation of research protocols proposed by GOIRC affilites;

- Cooperative patecipation to multicentre clinical trials in the interest of oncology;

- In depth examination and refinement of the methodology in clinical research.

GOIRC funds its economic resource from private contributions, contribution from the State, no-profit organisations, public or private institutions, donations and bequeaths.



The idea to create a collaborative  group arose during a meeting between Prof. Giorgio Cocconi of Parma and Prof. Maurizio Tonato of Perugia in 1978. It was b ased on the wish to exchange ideas and experiences between who was starting new structure of Medical Oncology.

The collaboration started in 1979 but the Group was formally constituited on the 18th December 1982. The registered office is located at the Medical Oncology, Azienda Ospedaliera-Universitaria in Parma.

The Italian Oncology Group of Clinical Research (GOIRC), the first oncology group in Italy, is an association which is the organisational expression of the partnership among several Medical Oncology Departments in the treatment of cancer.


- Member Meeting

- Scientific Board: meets al least twice a year to discuss ISSUES related  to the scientific and associative activities, in particular the activation and conduction of controlled clinical trials.

- Executive Board: manages the constitutive and organizational aspects, the replacement of lapsed members.

- President nominated by the Executive Board members holds the office for a three-years-term, with the new statute it is not elegible to serve consecutive terms.

- President-elect appointed by the Executive Board stays on fo three-years-term, at the end, at the end ofwhich,  he/she replaces the President.

- Treasures.

- Secretary of the Executive Board

- Secretary of the Scientific Board